Tired of all Things Official

Subject: Tired of all Things Official
From: lpraderio -at- CLIFF -dot- WHOI -dot- EDU
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 1994 18:01:29 EST

I agree with some that we shouldn't have an "official" language in the U.S.; I
liked the incentive to learn English, presented by another list member (sorry I
forgot your name), as I'm a second generation American and saw this in my

But folks, for emotional reasons also, I'm just plain tired of all the
"officialism" I see everyday....the Official Flour of the U.S. Olympic Teams
(all those commercials; the U.S. Olympic Team has oodles of official
stuff),...Official Watch of the people in near-death accidents (magazine
ad),...the Official Policy on Toilet Seat Covers (I think it's still a blue law
here in Massachusetts or someplace in New England which said that covers have
to be open in the front---nope, it doesn't prevent disease transmission as we
know now?).

Unfortunately, because I'm tired of seeing "official" everywhere I'm a little
biased about having an official anything even before I think about the pros and
cons of an issue.

(I wonder if that's why people hate manuals so much, because manuals are
supposed to be the official guide/reference/tutorial and often times they fall
short of that vaulted status and now the public is too tired to listen anymore.)

Time to go home.

Laura Praderio
Woods Hole

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