Re: Emily Post-ing

Subject: Re: Emily Post-ing
From: "Charles P. Campbell" <cpc -at- PRISM -dot- NMT -dot- EDU>
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 1994 16:12:37 MST

Someone suggested "exercising" [sic] long quotations of previous messages
in the interests of improving the ratio of new info to included info.
Wouldn't we be better off _exorcising_ quoted stuff?

Yeah, I know, picky-picky. But has anyone eles noted that since we all started
writing on computer terminals there's a higher incidence of homophone con-
fusions? Are words reverting to crude phonetic representation as in the days,
pre-dictionaries, before they developed hardened visual forms? Does watching
words dance in pixels somehow make them appeal more to the ear than to the eye?

I'm talking here about the public print, as opposed to forums like these
where we hope our readers forgive slips of the finger (eg, "eles" above). Do
you notice in newspapers and magazines mentions of things like "mining bauxite
oar" or someone with a cold described as having a "roomy eye"?

If you have examples, please (text editor permitting) exercise only as much
of the message as you need to establish context and exorcise the rest. :->

cpc -at- nmt -dot- edu

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