What to do with the journals?

Subject: What to do with the journals?
From: Gregory=Kushmerek%AcctgMed%FIN -at- HUMRES-SERVER -dot- NET -dot- TUFTS -dot- EDU
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 1994 08:58:32 EST

Every once in a while I take a long look at the mess I live in and
resolve to whip it into shape. What actually happens is a system
of "Pile Management" where like items get grouped in certain areas
relative to the trash barrel. Those items closest to the barrel
are the ones that are most ready for deposit.

One such pile that is fairly large is my stack of STC Journals. While
I get rid of all the other mailings that come in once I'm done with
them (yes, I recycle too), last year's STC journals didn't get that
fate. Most of them are only half-read (the road to hell . . .), and
the pile is too large for my management style's tastes.

So my question to the virtual you: who saves these things? I'm considering
getting yet another box to stick in the attic, but I already have
SOOOO much stuff. Who really thinks they're worth referencing?



Greg Kushmerek

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