Re: Colons, lists, and periods

Subject: Re: Colons, lists, and periods
From: Bonni Graham <Bonni_Graham_at_Enfin-SD -at- RELAY -dot- PROTEON -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 1994 10:08:00 EST

John Eldard asks:

"I would like to hear others style rules for the use of colons for
bulleted lists. When do I use a period at the end of the bulleted list?
When do I use periods for each bulleted entry? When don't I use periods
at all? I have read a few style guides about this, but they do not
address the use of the period. How do you do it?"

I use a period when the bulleted item is a complete sentence in and of itself
(which it rarely is after a colon, but once in a while it can be).


You can use many different methods to type:
* Pressing the keys leaves an imprint on the page.
* Hitting the keys dents your fingers and the keys.
* Clicking the keys produces a nice beat that you can dance to.

I use a comma after bulleted items that complete a sentence, with an "and" or
"or" before the last one and a period at the end of that same last one.


Count on me to:
* Mention all picky items whether anyone wants to hear them or not,
* Come up with some weird devil's advocate position on any given topic, and
* Thoroughly enjoy creating unrest and dissent.

I use no punctuation after bulleted items that form a list of individual


I like to eat:
* Steaks
* Macaroni and Cheese
* Baked potatoes with butter and Guyere cheese
* Chili

I don't know if this is technically correct, but it's at least consistent, and
people always seem to know what I mean.

NOTE: This is how I do things in print -- on this list I just type them any old
which way. Y'all seem to get my drift ok, so I don't worry as much.

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