Subject: rpi
From: sullivan -at- platte -dot- unk -dot- edu
To: trummel -at- u -dot- washington -dot- edu
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 1994 12:00:03 -0600

Paul, Perhaps you remember me, Dale Sullivan. I started the
Ph.D. program at rpi when you did and took Carson's class with
you. I have just been forwarded your attack on rpi. I must tell
you, my experience there was much different than yours,
evidently. Do you realize that your attack of the school where I
spent thousands of my own dollars (still paying off) and where I
put my family (wife and 4 children) through 3 years of tough
poverty-- do you understand that you are now destroying or
attempting to destroy the value of my degree and the degree of
many others. I chose RPI because it was the best program in the
nation; I could have settled for a lesser program, but I felt the
sacrifice to go to the best was worth it. I still think RPI is
the best program out there. Your attack on the program,
evidently stemming from your refusal to give in to Carson's
requirements in our class (you do remember that's where it all
started), hurts a lot of people, not just RPI. Fortunately, the
tone of your message was so vitriolic that I assume most readers
can recognize a neurosis when they see one. Dale Sullivan



CONTRA CABAL has published 22 editions and has a regular
international readership of many thousands. It comprises an
electronic column that contains satirical and expository essays.
These essays create public awareness of the philosophical,
pseudo-religious, oligarchic world views of several Rensselaer
Polytechnic Institute and University of Washington department
polities. Such views thrive to the detriment of the common good.
They predicate upon the discrete manipulation of situations to
meet individual goals of self-aggrandizing political and
financial gain. CONTRA CABAL serves as a method and means, using
rhetorical devices, not so much to reform, but to expose
practices that exist to the detriment of both students and
faculty members.

To receive automatic, regular email transmissions, and back
issues of CONTRA CABAL, send your email address to:

concabal -at- u -dot- washington -dot- edu

fax (206) 227-9486

The editor invites readers to share their experiences and their
opinions by email. Usually, correspondent's names and addresses
will appear with the article or letter. However, in accordance
with normal publishing practice, the editor will withhold the
names and addresses of individuals upon request. This procedure
protects those who may become the subject of prejudice because of
their views. To have an article considered for publication in
CONTRA CABAL send an abstract by email.

Individuals who do not wish to receive future editions of CONTRA
CABAL may request the editor to remove their names from the
mailing list. Send such requests by email or fax.

The publisher encourages electronic copying and forwarding of
CONTRA CABAL articles but retains the copyright. Expressly, he
denies the right to convert the articles into any form of printed
medium without written permission. Send requests for permission
to the publisher by email or fax.

Paul Trummel, Managing Editor and Publisher.

Copyright 1994 by Paul Trummel. All rights reserved.


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coca.inf General Information

coca.100 Contents 1(1-6):

coca.101 Introduction to CONTRA CABAL
coca.102 Introducing the Weasel
coca.103 Dedication
coca.104 The Cabal of Asses
coca.105 A Rhetorical Image
coca.106 The Tails of Three Irish Asses

coca.200 Contents 2(1-7):

coca.201 Introduction and Review
coca.202 Now that I have your Attention!
coca.203 The Two Freedoms
coca.204 Academic Clones within the Cabal
Letters about the Editor and CONTRA CABAL
coca.205 The Thirteenth Member of the Cabal of Asses
coca.206 Precensorship and Assassination: Neo-Nazi Cabalism
Another Letter from Robbie the Raccoon
A Letter from a Reader in New York
coca.207 Feminist or Femi-Nazi?
The Seven Sycophantic Sisters
coca.208 Epilogue to Precensorship

coca.300 Contents 3(1-2):

coca.301 The Presidential Council of Asses
coca.302 Rhetoric of Demokracy

coca.400 Contents 4(1)

coca.401 The Fall Series Commences
coca.402 Byron the Piper
coca.403 I [Had] a Dream . . . NCTE 93
coca.404 The Piper's Oblivion
coca.405 The Editor Replies to Ms. Robinson
coca.406 A Reply to Dr. Dale Sullivan

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