Re: "Ms." or "Ms"?

Subject: Re: "Ms." or "Ms"?
From: Ken d'Albenas <kendal -at- AUTOTROL -dot- CUC -dot- AB -dot- CA>
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 1994 13:04:56 MST

Someone said "Ms." is correct. He's right.

Someone else said "Ms" is correct. She's right.

In other words, like the guy used to say in the Certs
breath mints commercial, "Stop! You're both right!"*

U.S. celebrity feminist Gloria Steinem invented the
term "Ms" in the '70s, and she was adamant that there
was no period because it wasn't an abbreviation for
anything. However, common ignorance (I mean, common
usage) being what it is, most of the world was unaware
of Gloria's protests and adopted "Ms."

Ms Steinem is obviously able to live with it. Didn't
she found "Ms." magazine? (She's currently listed
as a consulting editor, but I think she was in on
the ground floor.)

* (For those in our multinational audience who don't
get the reference, the commercial had two people
arguing over whether Certs was a breath mint or a
candy mint.)


Ken d'Albenas
Calgary, Alberta
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Fun with semantics:

1. Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.
2. Never hit a man with glasses; hit him with a baseball bat.


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