Personal for Jane Torpie

Subject: Personal for Jane Torpie
From: Patrick O'Connell <patricko -at- EICON -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 1994 19:37:00 -0500

I am posting the following here for Jane Torpie, to whom I could not
successfully mail it,
in response to her question about subscribing to the WINHLP-L mailing list.
Hi Jane,

You subscribe, or try to subscribe, to WINHLP-L by sending a message to
LISTSERV -at- ADMIN -dot- HUMBERC -dot- ON -dot- CA (or LISTSERV -at- HUMBER -dot- BITNET if you're a part of
Bitnet), with the body of the message containing only this:


Once you're subscribed (the listserver will let you know, via e-mail, when
you are) you post to the list by sending stuff to
WINHLP-L -at- ADMIN -dot- HUMBERC -dot- ON -dot- CA, or WINHLP-L -at- HUMBER -dot- BITNET if you're a part of
Bitnet. The verification message you'll receive from the listserver after
subscribing will reveal this and many, many other tantalizing tidbits of
information. Two commands (you send 'em to the listserver address, NOT the
posting address) I recommend are:



REVIEW [listname]

where in this case [listname] would be WINHLP-L. The former gives you a
reference card of commands you can send the listserver, and which it may or
may not obey depending on who you are; the latter gets you a list of
subscribers to [listname]. To avoid billions of inbox messages every day I
HIGHLY recommend this one:

SET [listname] DIG

This ensures you get a single daily *digest* of postings rather than a
message for each and every posting.

Have fun,
Patrick O'Connell |Brilliant-
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