International Tech Comm Presentations at STC Conference

Subject: International Tech Comm Presentations at STC Conference
From: Nancy Hoft <itech -at- MV -dot- MV -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 1994 07:46:26 -0500

Here is a list of presenations at the STC Annual Conference, May 15-18,
in Minneapolis, MN, that are about international technical
COmmunication and related topics.

1) Monday, 2-3:30, Issues in PUblications Management, A
progression; one presentation on "Managing a Multinational Co-Developed
Documentation Project"

2) Monday, 2-3:30, Issues in Technical Translation and Software Localization

3) Monday, 2-3:30, Applications of SGML in the Technical Communication
Workplace (SGML is an international standard markup language for

4) Monday, 2-3:30, Basic International Technical COmmunication (identify
cultural bias, generate glossary for translators, design page for
translation, perform international user analysis)

5)Monday, 4-5:30, International Technical Communication PIC meeting

6) Monday, 4-5:30, Visual Literacy: Alternative Perspectives, "A
Cross-Cultural Perspective on Visual Literacy: CHallenges for Technical

7) Monday, 4-5:30, International/Multilingual Publishing and
Documentation, a panel presentation; "When Translation is Not an Option
in International Documentation"; "Multilingual Publishing";
"Simultaneous, Multinational Co-Development of User Manuals"

8) Tuesday, 8:30-10, Two Time Zones Beat as One: A Model for
International Project Management

9) Tuesday, 8:30-10, Standards for Electronic Documenation and Icon
Development (This does not specifically mention "international," but I
have a hunch it will be part of the presenatation.)

10) Tuesday, 8:30-10, Understanding Software Internationalization

11) Tuesday, 10:30-12, STC and International Communication Societies:
This is INTECOM! (INTECOM is a consortium of technical communication
societies from around the world. You can learn about technical
communication in other countries.)

12) Tuesday, 10:30-12, Improving the Quality of User Manuals in Japan,
presented by technical communicators from Japan

13) Tuesday, 10:30-12, Improving Translatability and Readability with
Syntactic Cues (The presenter received his PHD from RPI in International
Communication. He's very knowledgeable.)

14) Tuesday, 2-3:30, Professionalism in Technical Communication
Societies: An International Perspective. A Panel. Presenters are from
the U.S., Germany, Sweden, and The Netherlands.

15) Tuesday, 4-5:30, Quality Management: ISO 9000 and Other Quality
Programs (While not directly related to International Technical
Communication, ISO 9000 is an international quality standard.)

16) Tuesday, 4-5:30, How to Win at the Foreign Language Game

17) Wednesday, 8:30-10, A Systems Approach to ISO 9000 DOcument Control

18) Wednesday, 8:30-10, International Team Writing (presenters are from

19) Wednesday, 10:30-12, ISO Procedure Development: Using Kickoff
Meetings as a Project Management Tool

20) Wednesday, 10:30-12, Preventing International Communication Faux Pas;
Paper presentations; "Cross-Cultural Interface Design for International
Users"; "Technology Transfer and the Professional Communicator"; "An
Update on Effective Global Communication"

21) Wednesday, 10:30-12, "The State of Technical Communication in Western
Canada" (This will present the findings of a huge research project that
assesses the state of technical communication in Western Canada.)

22) Wednesday, 10:30-12, "An Introduction to the Pronciples of an SGML

23) Wednesday, 10:30-12, "Progressions:Topics in Technical Writing and
Editing" One presentation is by technical communicator from Japan;
another is "Managing a Localization Project from a Client's and Vendor's

24) Wednesday, 2-3:30, "International Project Management"

25) Wednesday, 2-3:30, "Using Advanced SGML Features to Create, Store,
and Distribute Documents"

26) Saturday, 8-5PM, (May 14) "Translatability Workshop: Technical
Writing for Translation" Presenter is a colleague I greatly respect. He
speaks about 15 languages and works for Berlitz. He's a marvelous man
and has lots of information to share.

Nancy Hoft, itech -at- mv -dot- mv -dot- com
563 Forest Road, Unit B
Wilton, NH 03086-9718 USA
Telephone/FAX: 603.654.6894
CompuServe: 71614,1574

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