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Subject: Unix hypertext
From: Pat Anderson <panderson -at- ALIAS -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 1994 10:25:35 -0500

Subject: Time: 10:21 AM
OFFICE MEMO Unix hypertext Date: 23/03/94
Here's some info i got from Bristol.com about their UNIX hypertext product:

> HyperHelp is rapidly becoming the industry standard for on-line,
> context-sensitive UNIX help, being used by such companies as Lotus,
> Sybase, Computer Associates, Intel, Progress, GE, and many more.

> HyperHelp consists of two software components: compiler and viewer.
> The compiler accepts help documents authored in Rich Text Format (RTF > -
from MS Word, WordPerfect, or AmiPro), Maker Interchange Format
> (MIF - from FrameMaker), Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML),
> or from any text editor such as vi or emacs. HyperHelp also accepts the
> same RTF, project, and bitmap files as MS Windows Help.

> The viewer displays the .hlp binary generated by the compiler (note that
> a .hlp generated on one platform is portable to a viewer on any other
> platform). The viewer can be integrated into the user application via a
> single function call to WinHelp(), or run stand-alone. HyperHelp
> provides the same functionality as MS Windows help with the same
> look-and-feel, and has PostScript printing capability.

> HyperHelp Bridge takes a compiled .hlp file (originally in MIF or
> SGML format) and converts it to RTF (including creating the .hpj, .h,
> and .bmp files!).

> All HyperHelp components are $2500 each (except the SGML compiler).
> The compiler and bridge are licensed per CPU (but multi-user). The
> viewer is licensed per site and may be distributed with your app(s) with
> no royalties. People usually get a single compiler (since the .hlp files
> are portable) and then one viewer per platform they are distributing on.

> [...]Demos may be ftp'd from bristol.com in the demo directory.

If you want more info, contact Amy Wohltjen, Product Manager, at Bristol
Technology Inc. (amy -at- bristol -dot- com).

Hope this helps ... certainly seems to be a reasonable price.

...pat. anderson
team leader, documentation
Alias Research Inc.
panders -at- alias -dot- com

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