THANK YOU! (and a LONG summary of the results)

Subject: THANK YOU! (and a LONG summary of the results)
From: Heather Atkinson <HMA209 -at- SAFETY -dot- NWSCC -dot- SEA06 -dot- NAVY -dot- MIL>
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 1994 08:53:02 EST

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! to everyone who responded to my
career survey. I got over 40 responses -- many of which were lengthy
and very helpful. Some of you chose not to answer the survey, but
offered some good insight. I appreciate the time you took out of
your busy schedules to help me out. I got a lot of good advice and
*LOTS* of encouragement. Thanks again! :-)

A few of you asked me to post a "generalized" summary of the results,
so here it is. If you want more details, please send me a message
and I'll expand.


English/Journalism/Prof. Writing/
Creative Writing/Tech. Writing 15

Technical Communications 5

Biology/Chemistry/Sciences 3

Business Comm./Business Mgmt. 2

Photojournalism, History, Liberal Arts,
Education, Linguistics, Chinese, Math 1


English/Professional Writing 3
Education/Instructional Design 1
Molecular Biology 1

PhD 1

Certif. of Tech. Writing 1
"some" grad. work 2

NO degree (or haven't finished) 3


* Those with higher degrees felt (of course) that it has helped and
has made them more "marketable."

* Those who have thought about obtaining a higher degree mostly felt
that the actual experience they're getting is doing more for them.

* Most agreed that the degree is important, but of little consequence
to the employer, who is more concerned with the experience.

* Some questioned the "recent" obsession with obtaining a higher

* And, some said that while _any_ education you get is helpful, just
becuase you have a MA or PhD doesn't mean you'll get the job.


Those reporting "good" or "favorable" job markets were:
Boston/Concord/Canton, Mass.
San Diego
Orange County
San Fran. Bay area
Silicon Valley
Austin/Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas
Ottawa, Canada
Huntsville, AL
East Tenn.
Des Moines
Washington, DC

The areas people felt were only "OK" or "fair" were:
Portland, OR
Ft. Collins, CO
Melbourne, FL


Starting Current Yrs. Exp.
-------- ------- ---------
20K 35K 10
$7/hr. 40K 12
27K $35/hr.
$8/hr. 40K 11
22K 49K 7
22K 43K 8
24K 40K 3
16K 36K 8
29K 36K 2 1/2
16K 40K
29K 60K
20K ('88)
24K ('84)
41K 20
50's K 20
40's K 3
30's K 3
50K 20

* One survey in Mass. reported that the average salary for college
grads in that area is $26,000-$32,000.

* Another formula reported that the median salary for 2 years or
less experience should be between $27,000-$31,000.


* A _LOT_ of you projected very negative (anti-government) comments
and encouraged me to "get out of mil-specs." I learned that
there is a lot of stereotyping when it comes to government
employees. Some of you said in the past you haven't been
impressed with the quality of work from gov't people and have
been reluctant to hire them. You think they're lazy, too used to
a "do your 40 hrs. and no more" week, spend too much money they
don't have, etc.

In _my_ defense, I work for a lowly contractor for the gov't. We
have old, slow PC's, and NO money to buy new ones (while the
_gov't_ upgrades their 386's to 486's when a 286 would totally
suffice!) I'm a _VERY_ hard worker and have often worked
overtime to meet a deadline. (_WE_ can't spend two years
deciding how to spell "cat"!!) :-)

* Many of you suggested I learn all of the new software and programs
that are available and used "out there."

* And, as any experienced veteran would tell you, most of you said
that sending thousands of resumes isn't the way to find a job.
NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK is the way to go!

* And finally, all of you gave me thumbs up for joining STC.

I got a lot of "good luck" and "hang in there" encouragements. I
_REALLY_ appreciate all of your advice and willingness to tell me
your background and experiences! THANKS AGAIN!!!

! Heather M. Atkinson, Technical Writer !
! Computer Data Systems, Inc. !
! Crane Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center !
! Crane, Indiana !
! HMA209 -at- SAFETY -dot- NWSCC -dot- SEA06 -dot- NAVY -dot- MIL !

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