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Subject: reply to Jane re: modular furniture
From: LaVonna Funkhouser <lffunkhouser -at- HALNET -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 1994 17:21:54 -0600

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Jane, I had to totally redo my office to accomodate it
because I had 30-in. desks and the unit is 24-in, so I
swapped for some 24-in. desks. My walls were fine, but
my neighbor (also getting a corner) had to move the walls
to accomodate her unit, so we had a day or so of down time
moving walls around. (We could have had Maintenance do it,
but they would have taken too long, so some guys in our dept.
made the changes.)

Come in some weekend and change the walls to fit the corner.
You'll like it. If the correct walls/hardware aren't available, check
the basement, storage rooms, empty offices... We call these
"midnight requisitions"! ;-)

lffunkhouser -at- halnet -dot- com
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<Apologies to everyone else; the message to Jane bounced TWICE.>

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