Subject: Re: SGML
From: Legislative Serv Ctr <amurphy -at- WLN -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 1994 08:47:59 -800


A thesis on SGML due in one week!!!??? So much for
reasonable schedules!

For a fast check, take a look into the May 1993 and
August 1993 issues of _Technical Communication_, both
of which contain substantive articles on SGML as used
by publication professionals. If you can find them, there
are also excellent papers in the 1993 STC Annual
Conference _Proceedings_ and a nifty piece by Charles
Good in the January 1991 _Intercom_ (you can probably
get a fast copy from Society headquarters).

Best of luck, my friend!

Avon Murphy
Washington Legislative Service Center

On Thu, 7 Apr 1994, Gerry Bourguignon wrote:

> Hi,

> This is my first posting (I only joined the list a few days ago).

> I am a technical writing student about to graduate from college.
> As part of the requirements for my diploma, I am writing a thesis
> on SGML (more of an SGML primer than anything else). I plan to
> include a chapter called "SGML and the Technical Writer" and have
> been gathering information from Technical Communication (the STC
> journal) and the Usenet group comp.text.sgml. However, I was
> hoping I could get some input from technical writers who have
> been working with SGML or who are perhaps working for companies
> who are in the process of implementing SGML into their documentation
> processes.

> What's it like to work with an SGML-enforcing system? What effect
> will SGML have on technical writing?

> are possible questions to consider. And I'm sure there are others.

> I, unfortunately, only discovered this list last week. Otherwise,
> I would have posted much earlier. As it is, my thesis is due in
> just over one week. Still, any input would be appreciated. Even
> if it's too late to consider the responses for "inclusion" into the
> report, they will no doubt provide for an interesting and thought-
> provoking discussion.

> Regards,

> --
> Gerry Bourguignon
> Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. ad767 -at- freenet -dot- carleton -dot- ca
> -----------------------------------------------------------------

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