Re: FRAME for online documentation

Subject: Re: FRAME for online documentation
From: Jonathan Price <jonprice -at- AOL -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 1994 12:48:39 EDT

Frame works fine for putting your manuals online, but what is the point of
that? Do you have a help system? Frame can be used to create a help system,
too, but you have to completely rewrite and restructure your material. The
problem with putting your documentation online, even with hypertext links
from toc and index, is that it's designed for paper, and works best on paper,
but does not work for someone using a screen. The screen is a different
medium! Management doesn't usually understand this until you put all your
docs on a CDROM, send it out to customers, and the yelling starts.
Key: leave a week for hypertexting, and a week for indexing and linking to
the index, or you'll really make your customers mad.

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