high tech girls

Subject: high tech girls
From: Maria Townsley <maria -at- MSD -dot- MEASUREX -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 1994 10:29:20 -0400

"High Tech: Where the Girls *Aren't*"

Yuck. Gag me. Better yet, gag the author of that article.

(who works on a Mac all day producing technical documentation, then spends
part of every weekend playing Master of Orion and Civilization on her
IBM at home)

P.S. I beat my husband once at a game of Squad Leader (a wargame that uses
little pieces of cardboard to represent each squad member.) I took the
high ground and pounded heck out of his little town, killing each of his
best leaders. He hasn't played that game against me since. I've also been
overall commander of several WWII war games and beat him in a Civil War
game on the computer. I can fly the MIG and the F15. (I'm not that good
in a dogfight, but I bomb the airfields pretty well.)

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