Re: gender, sex, etc.

Subject: Re: gender, sex, etc.
From: Mike Christie <mikec -at- SYNTEL -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 1994 09:13:33 PDT

Karen Steele says:
"Anyone...who thinks tech writers are Gods...probably needs to go back to
tech writing school."

The problem there or in gender bias, the subject that really provoked
Karen's (justified) flame, is with academic as opposed to real world
experience. I'd say "Find out what it's *really* like out there!"

At my company about half of the technical staff is female. My my three
predecessors as sole technical writer here were also female.

Any suggestion around here that women are less computer literate, are less
capable as programmers, or otherwise less qualified to fill key roles in
a software company is likely to get you dragged up to the 12th floor and
thrown through one of those sealed high-rise windows.

In the companies I've worked for the past several years, I've seen no
correlation beteen gender and technical (or any other sort of) competence.

Mike Christie
Technical Writer
Syntelligence Systems, Inc.
mikec -at- syntel -dot- com

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