Re: Language usage

Subject: Re: Language usage
From: Rikki Nyman <nymanr -at- TRG -dot- TRGLINK -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 1994 10:39:57 -0700


Relax. I enjoyed Kirby's remarks and they certainly seemed well -
intentioned to me. I enjoy a little tongue-in-cheek humor. His point (I
thought) is that it really is relatively uncommon (I probably go slummin"
more than I should!) to see conversations to back and forth so consistently
using no "nasty" words at all.

Personally, I like words...almost all of them. I think a well-placed
profanity now and again can be an effective device in literature, though it
would be entirely out of place in technical documentation.

If anything, it seems that we are all subject to our own variety of ivory
tower elitism. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but I think it's worth
being aware of.

Just my two cents, Val.

nymanr -at- trg -dot- trglink -dot- com

In his most recent message, Kirby Hall writes:

>"What I find interesting is the very wholesome and clean nature of
>the verbiage you all choose to use."

>Please tell me why people should resort to swearing and using vulgar
>language to convey a message? We certainly don't do that in our
>documentation, nor do our customer support staffs do that when a user
>calls in with a question that is clearly stated in the documentation!

>Aren't the members of this list communicating their feelings
>suitably enough for you in the proper manner? Can't you tell when
>a discussion is heated? I surely can! In my opinion, using vulgarities
>would provoke ill feelings toward other members of the mail list.
>If you can't state your opinion logically and rationally, then
>keep your mouth shut!

>If I start to see vulgarities cross this mail list, I'll surely
>unsubscribe. ...and that would be a shame since the sharing of
>information that takes place on this list is exceptional!

>Val Tassari
>tassari -at- cgi -dot- com

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