Do you agree with me that this SUCKS?

Subject: Do you agree with me that this SUCKS?
From: Patrick O'Connell <patricko -at- EICON -dot- COM>
Date: Sat, 23 Apr 1994 16:54:00 PDT

It seems to me that in most corporations, while incremental salary increases
-- percentage-based increases while maintaining the same job description,
that is -- may be restricted to one particular time of year for budgetary
purposes, there is no such restriction on the changes in pay scale that
normally accompany promotions. At least, not in corporations that are
experiencing meteoric growth.

I have just been notified that in fact such a restriction is graven-in-stone
policy at the company I work for (see my sig, below), which -- you guessed
it -- is experiencing meteoric growth. This means that while I was
recommended for promotion from (entry-level) "writer" to "intermediate
writer" in November of last year, and consider myself to be an intermediate
writer, I don't get the accompanying change in pay scale until the beginning
of July. I am nothing short of FURIOUS about this -- I started here as a
"writer" THREE years ago last Friday. My superior is of the opinion that
"most companies are like this" -- I don't agree with him, and would be
considerably less angry if he was right and I was wrong.

What I want to know is: what's your company's policy regarding
promotion-related changes in pay scale? Feedback from ANYONE working in a
corporate-office environment is welcome -- not just technical writers -- so
feel free to crosspost this message to other mailing lists if you can think
of any others where the percentage of readers occupying veal-fattening
pens(*) is relatively high.

(*) Douglas Coupland's term, taken from Generation X, for tiny, cramped
cubicles whose walls consist of fabric-covered partitions, and which are
generally occupied by the people at the very bottom of the ladder.

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