Re: style questions

Subject: Re: style questions
From: Lee Turner <Lee=Turner%Sys=Mkt%Sys=Hou -at- BANGATE -dot- COMPAQ -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 1994 11:11:05 CDT

Beth Hardin <hardin -at- UNITY -dot- NCSU -dot- EDU> Wrote:

| Hi,

| A friend is working on some documentation and had some questions
| that I
| figured someone out there would be able to answer:

| 1) If, by convention, you always include file names in quotes,
| what do
| you do when the file name appears at the end of a sentence...where
| does
| the period go?

| ex: Take the file labeled "file name" and create a new file called
| "filename"

| I would initially say the period goes inside, but he raised the
| concern
| that the reader might think that the period is part of filename...

| 2) When a filename ends in a period and is at the end of a
| sentence, do
| you add the period for punctuation? Or, would you just rewrite the
| sentence?

| Thanks for your help
| Beth

Hi Beth,

I always try to denote a filename by typeface or type style rather than by
enclosing it in quotation marks. If you must use quotation marks for some
reason, I'd put the period outside the end mark to avoid confusion. In this
instance and in your second example, I'd first try to rewrite the sentence so
the filename is not the last word.

Lee Turner
Compaq Computer Corp.
Houston, TX

internet: leet -at- bangate -dot- compaq -dot- com

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