Re: Caps misunderstanding

Subject: Re: Caps misunderstanding
From: Kelly Graham MCOM <grahamk -at- CS -dot- HH -dot- AB -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 1994 12:08:39 -0400

Margaret Gerard said:

>> I constantly get documents to edit in which the writer plays fast and loose
>> with initial caps. Any ideas as to why this is so?

Kelly Hoffman responded:

>Perhaps because it's the editor's job to be concerned with nit-picky
>details like consistency, and the writer doesn't want to be bothered?
>(In other words, that's what editors are for. ;-)

Gee, Kelly, I'm sure glad you said that with a smile! Did you wear your
flame-retardant undies today?

I wear both hats, editor and writer, and I disagree with your statement.
A writer should be responsible for as much as s/he possibly can. S/he should
not leave the dirty work for an editor.

A writer may not always have an editor, and if s/he gets in the habit of
being lazy ("the editor will catch it" attitude), it could come back to bite
him/her in the butt!

Just my two-cents worth.

Another Kelly
grahamk -at- cs -dot- hh -dot- ab -dot- com

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