Re: To be or not: An E-prime inquiry

Subject: Re: To be or not: An E-prime inquiry
From: Judith Grobe Sachs <judygs -at- UIC -dot- EDU>
Date: Mon, 9 May 1994 08:36:24 CDT

Andreas Ramos, M.A. Heidelberg says....
>It does have its purpose: simple English is easier to understand. But we
>also have many things for which the agricultural/military life of the last
>10,000 years doesn't have a suitable word. Computer is an excellent
>example: it's more suiting to call it a machine. Few of us use it to

It isn't so, Andreas. Everytime you fire up your wordprocessor in
graphics mode, you're computing away. (Otherwise I wouldn't be getting
a math coprocessor for my PC at work.) :-)

And by the way, about OS/2... If you have the machine for it (memory,
memory, memory) and have someone to ask when things go wrong, it's
really nice. I've had Windows on several machines (even bought it
once!) and never enjoyed using it anywhere near as much as I do OS/2.


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