Monitor Survey Results

Subject: Monitor Survey Results
From: DAMON BOURNE <bourne -at- PERVAX -dot- PERSOFT -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 11 May 1994 08:10:59 -0500

Hi folks

Here are the results of my monitor survey. It seems most folks l seem to like
17 inch monitors or larger, with a big push for swing-type. Here are some of
the comments

"I just switched from a Sony to a Portrait/15 Plus from Portrait labs in
Fremont, CA. It's a swing type monitor -- one way for landscape format --
click on the icon and rotate for portrait format. Fairly flat screen -
very sharp --best part is at 75% the full PageMaker page fits the screen.
With WordI set the page at about 90% to fit the page to the screen."

"Our 486/33 and 486/50 machines use ATI Graphics Ultra cards
(1MB RAM) plugged into either Sony CPD-1604 or CPD-1730 (both 17"),
or a Sony GDM-2036 (20") monitor. All run at 1024 x 768 x 256
color resolution."

"As far as the video adapter, I would buy an STB Systems high res.
video card. I worked for STB for five years and can attest to their quality..."

"I'm using a Radius full-page pivot, and I really like it, except that the
video card conflicts with a lot of things. I've had to spend what seems to
me like an inordinate amount of time adjusting my interrupts. Of course,
once I finally got them all set I had a very good monitor. It could use a
better Window's driver (the current one is somewhat of a lower RAM hog),
but by and large it does a good job.

The advantage is in efficient use of the entire screen. If I'm working in
portrait mode, there's no wasted space at the left and right edges of my
screen. Likewise, in landscape mode, there's no wasted space at the top
and bottom. I can view my work at close to 100% and have it all fit on
the screen."

"I have a 21" Radius monitor that can display two pages at once. I also
have a Fellowes shield that cuts glare, EMI, and static electricity."

"I'm using a Mitsubishi 20" with a Diamond Stealth video driver, which
I love. For a new monitor, I'd probably go with an NEC Multisync. is an excellent monitor, with high resolution."

"At Dowell, I have a VAX station using a NEC MultiSync 5D (17 inch, I
think) and a PC running Windows NT using a Hitachi Accuvue (19 inch,
I believe). Both are just fine, although the colors on the NEC are slightly
more muted than the Hitachi. At home I am using the same as you, the
Nanao Flexscan 16-inch. I'm running it at 1280x1024, so I can easily see
and read an entire page at a time."

If you are interested, bob -at- BRS -dot- Com wrote a column about monitors and their
idiosynchrosies in his local chapter STC journal. He sent me a copy and it was
quite helpful.

Damon Bourne
bourne -at- pervax -dot- persoft -dot- com

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