Re: Portable Online Documentation

Subject: Re: Portable Online Documentation
From: "Elliott C. Evans" <evans -at- ANSOFT -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 11 May 1994 14:49:11 EDT

Marsha Wolicki <cmawta%taux01 -dot- nsc -dot- com -at- HARVUNXW -dot- BITNET> writes:

> I am currently checking out how FrameMaker documents on my Unix
> system look when viewed using FrameRead (I think that is the
> Windows equivalent of FrameViewer). If the hypertext options in
> FrameMaker are used fully, the result could be very good.

If you want to get a good idea how FrameViewer/FrameReader will look,
simply save your document in locked format. It's just *that* easy. =^>
All features of Frame are supported for viewing.

Another good example is FrameMaker's own help system. If you want to
see how everything is constructed, simply unlock the help document
using the keyboard shortcut:

escape shift-F lowercase-L lowercase-K

> The main loss would be context-sensitivity.

At least on the UNIX platform, this is not true. FrameMaker has full
support for inter process communications. This may be even easier with
the new Frame API. You'll notice that Frame's own help is context

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