Re: Commas in a series

Subject: Re: Commas in a series
From: BurkBrick -at- AOL -dot- COM
Date: Fri, 20 May 1994 15:35:40 EDT

>We have an ongoing disagreement in our office as to the proper
>use of commas in a simple series. This IS elementary, I agree,
>but it is time for a definitive answer and I'm turning to you!

If it wasn't for the "elementary" things, technical writing would be easy!

>One "camp" follows the AP Stylebook (The flag is red, white and blue.)

>The other holds to The Elements of Style (The flag is red, white,
>and blue.)

>Preferences, please? All comments are welcome. Thanks, Pam

I'll probably get trounced on for this, but I only put the comma in if it is
needed for clarity. My rational (however flimsy it might be) is that it's one
less element, therefore removing it reduces clutter.

Let me know what you decide!


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