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From: "Yuan P. Li" <liyuan -at- CLOCKWISE -dot- ATT -dot- COM>
Date: Sat, 21 May 1994 23:25:44 EDT

.edu, physhare -at- psuvm -dot- psu -dot- edu, pmail -at- ua1vm -dot- ua -dot- edu,
pmdf-l -at- irlearn -dot- ucd -dot- ie, politics -at- ucf1vm -dot- cc -dot- ucf -dot- edu, por -at- unc -dot- edu,
postcard -at- idbsu -dot- idbsu -dot- edu, power-l -at- vm1 -dot- nodak -dot- edu,
powerh-l -at- unbvm1 -dot- csd -dot- unb -dot- ca, psycgrad -at- acadvm1 -dot- uottawa -dot- ca,
qualrs-l -at- uga -dot- cc -dot- uga -dot- edu, relusr-l -at- vtvm1 -dot- cc -dot- vt -dot- edu, s-comput -at- vm -dot- usc -dot- edu,
script-l -at- uga -dot- cc -dot- uga -dot- edu, scuba-l -at- brownvm -dot- brown -dot- edu, seasia-l -at- msu -dot- edu,
seds-l -at- tamvm1 -dot- tamu -dot- edu, sfs-l -at- searn -dot- sunet -dot- se, sganet -at- vtvm1 -dot- cc -dot- vt -dot- edu,
simula -at- uga -dot- cc -dot- uga -dot- edu, slart-l -at- cunyvm -dot- cuny -dot- edu,
slovak-l -at- ubvm -dot- cc -dot- buffalo -dot- edu, snamgt-l -at- umrvmb -dot- umr -dot- edu,
snurse-l -at- ubvm -dot- cc -dot- buffalo -dot- edu, sos-data -at- gibbs -dot- oit -dot- unc -dot- edu,
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wac-l -at- vmd -dot- cso -dot- uiuc -dot- edu, win3-l -at- uicvm -dot- cc -dot- uic -dot- edu,
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Subject: Kill this junk-email
content-length: 282

>Subject: Income Opportunities from Investment Banker - Interested?
>Date: Wed, 18 May 1994 21:57:01 -0400 (EDT)
>Please send inquiries/replies to: taford -at- delphi -dot- com

How did I get this kind of junk email? Does any body know
how I can kill this type of email, forever?
Yuan P Li

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