Theory vs. Practice (and old arguements like that)

Subject: Theory vs. Practice (and old arguements like that)
Date: Tue, 31 May 1994 17:08:40 -0400

John Brinegar's recent addition to the conversation about "Engineers as
writers" or "Writers as Engineers" (forgive my shortening version - refer-
ence Johnbrin -at- AOL -dot- COM):

This discussion reminds me of a theory that is currently "batted around" in
composition/writing research!

Theory + Practice = Praxis !

The thory (engineer's idea) is put to the true test with the "novice" user
(the technical writer) who then relies upon the feedback of the engineer
for perfection of the JOINT GOAL!

Certainly, if you have a writer who is skilled also in the fundamentals of
product development, you have a plus!

Likewise, if the "engineer" is skilled in the communication sciences, you
have an additional plus.

The point is, the two disciplines must work together because :

What is theory is never reality, it must be tested through practice/trials
in an effort toward PRAXIS (which I joyously call the Reeses Cup of technical
writers ... part peanut butter and part chocolate)!

I think that I'll go have a snack!

Lisa Richman
Eastern Virginia Medical School
Norfolk, VA

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