Re: Documenting Electronic Sources

Subject: Re: Documenting Electronic Sources
From: REFSarah -at- AOL -dot- COM
Date: Thu, 2 Jun 1994 12:09:25 EDT

Tamara Miller (tmiller -at- desire -dot- wright -dot- edu) said:

>>Recently, I have had occassion to document a source of information that I
found through the Internet. Does anyone know if there is a book that explains
how to document electronic sources? I greatly appreciate any suggestions:)<<

I am not a member of this list, but a friend who had seen this post elsewhere
asked me to forward it as some might find it useful:

Since I recently cited several online articles in a paper, I guess I'll share
how I cited them (and perhaps get taken to task for improperly doing so ;> ).

Most followed this sort of template:

Smith, Joe. January 1, 1994. "Finding a Rest Stop on the Info Superhighway."
_Time Magazine_, electronic addition, America Online.

Some government documents that I retrieved electronically had assigned doc
numbers, so I used those as a reference:

National Science Board Committee. 1992. "We think we need more money."
Washington, DC: National Science Foundation. NSF-92-4821.

On other occasions, when a complete cite escapes me in either format, I will
make the last part of the citation, "Full text available from author." This
way, the professor knows that s/he can get a copy of the document from me if
they are interested in reading the whole thing.

Hope this helps, and I also hope no one throws tomatos at me! ;)

Sarah Tarpley
refsarah -at- aol -dot- com

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