Re: (Non)Degreed and insulted!!

Subject: Re: (Non)Degreed and insulted!!
From: Ray Bruman x2325 <rbruman -at- TURING -dot- RAYNET -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 2 Jun 1994 12:49:29 PDT

> Arlen asks:

> >How much of that is due to the documents being fakes, do you think? And how
> >much might be because they were either caught flat-footed (like you were in
> >your interview) or because it might have been a decision that was made for
> >them, and they never thought (or dared) to ask why?

> I suspect that mostly people were caught a little flat-footed.
> I also suspect that, at least among the newbie writers, decisions
> were made for them that they didn't realize they could question.

Some interviewers like to use "stress questions" to weed out applicants.
Hence, the whole _purpose_ of the question may have been simply to
"catch the applicant flat-footed" regardless of whether fraud is
suspected. If I were the applicant, I'd be tempted to end the
interview right there, barring other overriding considerations.

This is not to deny that resume fraud is a serious problem.

> I've only encountered a single instance where someone deliberately
> falsified a portfolio, and it was very easy to determine.

Right. A qualified interviewer should spot it quickly.

> point I was trying to make, and may have failed to, is that only
> by probing can you find out the level of involvement a candidate
> has had with document development.

Right. And "probing" can be respectful, fun for both parties, and
much more revealing than examining a resume, references, or portfolio.

And even if someone wasn't
> intimately involved with, say, layout and design, that person
> may have valuable insight into what was good and what was bad
> about the design.

Exactly. Most of us are _prevented_ from using our expertise, for a
host of reasons, good and bad. There's more than a touch of irony
in my signature (below) that you senior tech writers will recognize.

> anne halsey
> sr tech writer, storagetek
> anne_halsey -at- stortek -dot- com

Ray Bruman Cogito, ergo remunerantur.
Raynet Corp.
rbruman -at- raynet -dot- com I think, therefore I am paid.

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