Converting DTP to Word

Subject: Converting DTP to Word
From: Patricia Waterbury <waterbp -dot- csc -at- MHS -dot- ELAN -dot- AF -dot- MIL>
Date: Fri, 3 Jun 1994 09:19:00 PST

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I was wondering if someone could help me out with this: we need a real PC
desktop publishing program that will convert text or word processing files
to Word 2.0 easily.

The standard process for a document in our company is that an author
(usually a technical type) writes a document and submits it to the
Technical Literature Production section for editing and desktop
publishing. We (Tech Lit) have been using Ventura for years. It worked
fine when most every document we received had been entered in WordStar or
Word Perfect. But we've had considerable problems with Word files and
Ventura 4.1.1. Saving takes forever. The files are corrupted more often.
We've recommended that editors change Word files to a different word
processing format before pulling them into Ventura. This works in most

However, our internal and external (Air Force) customers sometimes request
their original files back after they've been modified. They don't have
Ventura. We can't hand them unformatted files with Ventura's attribute
codes throughout. We usually end up having to reformat the entire file
(this gets expensive). We've tried staying in Word 2.0, but it's
bug-ridden and just isn't a desktop publishing program.

Does anyone have any recommendations? We're stuck with Word 2.0. We do
large technical documents.


Patti Waterbury

waterbp -dot- csc -at- mhs -dot- elan -dot- af -dot- mil

These opinions are solely my own and don't represent my company's opinion
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