Help Writer's Assistant for Windows (fwd)

Subject: Help Writer's Assistant for Windows (fwd)
From: "Jay R. Cook" <cookjr -at- SNCAC -dot- SNC -dot- EDU>
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 1994 08:19:33 -0500


Some time ago, we discussed different ways to create on-line help. I'm
forwarding this announcement since it appears useful for creating Windows
help files. I've not used the product and am in no way affiliated with the

-- Jay Cook
St. Norbert College

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> Dear Helpers,

> I am forwarding this announcement on behalf of Olson Software.

> Help Writer's Assistant for Windows is a visual help authoring package
> with features only normally seen in expensive products - at a price that
> you can afford. Help Writer's Assistant for Windows is a WYSIWYG help
> development environment. HWA/w works the way you do, not forcing you
> to change the way you work.

> Previously, building help files under Windows had to be done either
> by coding RTF commands by hand, or by using a word processor that
> understood RTF. There were problems with this. You had to remember
> the context string of the help topic you wanted to link to, and you
> had to enter footnotes. At the best of times, it was a pain!
> Word Processor macros helped make the task easier, but they didn't
> provide everything you needed. Help Writer's Assistant for Windows (HWA/w)
> does that and helps to make Windows help authoring visual and exciting!
> This saves a considerable amount of time when developing help files.

> This version is available as a public beta by request of many people.

> HWA/w has a wide variety of uses:
> To help a user use a program (a traditional help file)
> To teach a user to use a program (a tutorial)
> To teach a user about anything by using hypergraphic jumps (that is files
> created with the Hotspot editor) and hypertext jumps.
> To store commonly used information like in a database (such as company
> policies)
> Training about programs or about anything can be made easier by using
> help files.

> System requirements:
> MS-DOS operating system version 3.1 or later
> Any of the following (must be acquired separately):
> Microsoft Windows operating system version 3.1 or later
> Microsoft Windows for Workgroups version 3.1 or later
> Microsoft Windows NT operating system version 3.1 or later
> Personal computer using a 386 or higher processor
> 2Mb of Memory (4Mb or greater recommended)
> 2Mb of Hard disk space
> A 3.5" or 5.25" disk drive
> EGA or higher resolution monitor compatible with Microsoft Windows 3.1
> or later.
> Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device recommended

> HWA for Windows has many powerful and useful features:
> Topic Management
> Drag & Drop topic management through hierarchical topic tree (topic
> listbox).
> Properties window for editing all topic properties.
> Support for all help topic properties, including: titles, entry macros,
> comments, keywords, multichar keywords and more!
> Topics can be easily moved around through dialogs.
> Ease of use interface
> Right mouse button displays context-sensitive menus.
> Toolbars above editors and topic listbox as well as a general toolbar.
> Toolbar buttons to move to previous/next, first/last topics.
> Links listbox which lists the topics that the current topic links to -
> making it easy to change to those topics.
> Preference information (Help compiler, Hierarchical view, Auto Browse
> Sequences etc...) can be made default for all new projects but can be
> changed for each specific project.
> List of the 4 most recently used files is easily accessible from the file
> menu.
> Goto dialog has the same look and feel as all dialogs dealing with
> topics (e.g: link and move dialogs). All use the same hierarchical
> topic tree used in the main window - decreasing learning time.
> Visual editor
> The visual editor is used for editing the text of topics. It allows
> multiple fonts, colors, styles, justification, indentation and line
> spacing. No need to know anything about RTF!
> Visual editor displays links just has they look under the help system.
> Editors for both scrolling and non-scrolling regions.
> A ruler for easy placing of tabs.
> Optional displaying of paragraph marks.
> Different default fonts, sizes and styles for both the scrolling and non-
> scrolling regions.
> Can view hidden text associated with topics - for power
> users.
> Click on a link while holding down the Control key to go to that topic.
> Time Savers
> One click duplicating of topic title in Non-Scrolling region.
> Keyword Sets which make it possible to use commonly used sets of
> keywords simply by selecting them from a list.
> List keywords, build tags or multichar keywords for comparing and
> editing.
> Auto browse sequences - forget completely about your browse
> sequences! There are two levels of control. Auto Numbering where
> you provide the characters and using a topic hierarchy can forget
> completely about browse sequences!
> Can create indented contents lists of child topics of any topic in the
> file.
> Can create a jump or pop-up link using the title of the topic being
> linked to as link text (hotspot text).
> Can create a new topic while linking.
> Use selected text for title of a new topic when creating a new topic
> while linking.
> Stores the last topic used so you can go back to it.
> Preview of topics while linking, or from the goto/move dialogs.
> Can insert RTF or ASCII text file into scrolling or non-scrolling region.
> Choose macros easily and visually from a dialog. Enter parameters
> from easy to use edit controls.
> Simply choose your pictures from a dialog. Supported types:
> Windows metafiles, bitmaps, segmented hypergraphics, multi-
> resolution bitmaps.
> Dialogs to visually choose the topic to link to.
> The same dialogs used to create links are used to edit links.
> Fast removal of links.
> Find & replace across all topic text in a file.
> One click bullet creation.
> Basic Usage Learning
> Full, context sensitive online help
> Includes a full tutorial to learn how to develop windows help files the
> easy way with HWA/w
> Compling
> Reads & Writes in Rich Text Format providing maximum compatibility
> with the Windows Help compiler.
> Windows Help compiler and hotspot editor included in disk based
> version
> Build and display the help file from within the HWA/w environment.
> Can create a header files for context sensitive help. (for C/C++,
> Pascal and Visual Basic).

> The product is priced at just $85NZ ($50US) per copy.
> ($20NZ ($12US) should be added if you want the product
> and some other useful tools delivered via snail mail
> on disk)

> An evaluation version (which allows up to 20 topics and is
> the same as the registered version is all other aspects!) is
> available on as HWAB40_1.ZIP and
> HWAB40_2.ZIP. The files are currently in the uploads
> directory but will moved to the util directory in due course.

> To contact Olson Software or to order HWA/w fax +64 6 355 2775
> or email stefan -at- olson -dot- acme -dot- gen -dot- nz -dot- Visa and Mastercard accepted.

> --
> -----------------------------------------------------
> hwa-supp -at- olson -dot- acme -dot- gen -dot- nz Olson Software
> HWA for Windows 4 Anaru Place
> Technical Support Palmerston North
> New Zealand
> -----------------------------------------------------

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