Subject: Belittling?
From: "Vollbach, Elizabeth" <evollbach -at- LOGICON -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 7 Jun 1994 10:14:25 PST

If I seemed to belittle nondegreed tech writers when I said that I
felt my degree was belittled, I didn't mean to. I assumed when I
wrote that that my previous posts were remembered. I shouldn't have.
Remember, please, that twice I emphasized that how you do it isn't
important. Remember, I said, "Whatever works works." Neither of my
parents has a degree, and they're doing very well, and I have more
respect for them than for anyone else. So there.

This is a very sensitive issue for me, personally. So I, also, could
take some comments wrong. I had to struggle very, very hard to
graduate from college. It was quite an achievement. And that degree
opened doors for me that, otherwise, I wouldn't have had a chance in
hell at opening.

If you insist that I could have done it without a degree, I will
insist that you don't know what I was dealing with. Probably now I
could do it without a degree. But I couldn't wait 17 years to start a
career. I had to do it then, and I had to deal with what I had. And
I couldn't have without my degree. Beth

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