Notes in the Manual

Subject: Notes in the Manual
Date: Wed, 8 Jun 1994 16:06:12 -0400

Well, actually - I disagree with Rich's suggestion about lined pages (though
I am positive that he is a really nice person, an upstanding community
member, and a diligent worker). *so, now you know that this isn't a flame*
::-) <its the end of the day, I'm seeing double..

Anyway, my reasoning for NOT utilizing lined pages for notes is that I
usually make arrows from my brief notes to the portion of the text to
which it refers (am I the only one?).

I would prefer to see the layout as you have it:

kjsd;lfjsdjfjdfjlks * HEADING* iajsdijf

SUBHEADING: alskjdfjasdlf;kjslig

Then, I can make my notes on the side (under the heading areas).

One easy way to lead (encourage) your user to do this is to place
lightly drawn lines that are spaced farther apart than the lines of
the text. And, perhaps you might reference this area in your introduction
as an addition towards user-friendliness???????

EVERYONE reads the introduction!!!!

Lisa Richman

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