Re: Starting STC Student Chapters (and Regular Chapters)

Subject: Re: Starting STC Student Chapters (and Regular Chapters)
From: Binion Amerson <aba -at- OC -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 1994 15:49:33 -0500

Dan Brinegar writes:

>A coupla weeks ago I read Steve Cascone's article in _Technical
>Communication_ on "The STC Vision."

>Among the many goals that caught my eye we the points on the need to "foster
>cooperation" between industry and academe, promote training, apply research,
>and broaden participation to "include other disciplines of technical

>I believe that *I* could help support these goals by actively participating
>in the creation of a student chapter in the Phoenix Metro area.

>o An official student chapter with meetings at the various campuses in this
>area could recruit industry and academic leaders to participate (many are
>active in the pro chapter).;

>o The student chapter could compile and publish to interested parties the
>latest news and research on the growth and evolution of technical
>communication (Hey, theis stuff excites me, somewhere among 15000 college
>students online inthe PhxMetroArea there must be someone else that excited
>about communication and technology).

>o Naturally, activities within the student chapter could help today's
>students develop the skills and connection to become candidates for
>leadership positions in tomorrow's professional chapters and industry
>development teams.

>When I asked for input from STC'ers at work, I got great support from Pete
>Daniels (Past President of Phx Chapter), and Steve Cascone (Manager of the
>Society's Leadership Training and Development Committee) offered to
>"facilitate formation of a student chapter: setting up a session to help us
>decide what [we] want to accomplish; then a full- or half-day Leadership
>Training workshop to get the chapter off the ground."

>Hey, with support like that, how can we lose? Input and advice from other
>student chapters and their leader/membership will be greatly appreciated....

>Dan Brinegar
>Contract Info Developer (Phoenix STC)
>Phoenix, AZ
>(602) 934-2513

According to the STC Bylaws, all it takes is:

"To establish a chapter, fifteen or more voting members must submit a
written application to headquarters; name and address of each signatory to
such an application must be typed or printed adjacent to the signature.
The application states the name and proposed boundaries of the new chapter
and names the temporary president. To establish a student chapter, ten or
more student members and at least one voting member who is the student
chapter advisor must submit a similar application. Headquarters validates
the application and presents it to the executifve council or the board of
directors for approval. Upon approval, the chapter is granted provisional

For additional information, see Article I--Chapters, Section 2. Formation
of the STC Bylaws.

Hope this helps. If I can be of further assistance, please let me know.


Binion Amerson, aba -at- oc -dot- com
Director-Sponsor, STC Region 5

Binion Amerson, Senior Technical Writer, OpenConnect Systems, 2711 LBJ, Ste
800, Dallas, TX 75234, Ph 214/888-0447; Fax 214/484-6100; E-mail aba -at- oc -dot- com
Director-Sponsor, Society for Technical Communication (STC) Region 5.

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