XV is NOT shareware if...

Subject: XV is NOT shareware if...
From: Steve Fouts <sfouts -at- ELLISON -dot- SC -dot- TI -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 1994 09:02:36 CDT

LaVonna sayeth unto the list:
|} xv, the screen capture and graphics editor for X windows,
|} is shareware. According to one of my Unix programmers, you
|} can probably find it at ftp.x.org, the x consortium's main
|} ftp site. Otherwise use Archie to find it.

Sorry LaVonna, but xv, for the purposes being discussed on this list,
is most definitely NOT shareware.

From John Bradley's License info:

XV is shareware for PERSONAL USE only...

Commercial, government, and institutional users MUST register
their copies of XV...

The emphasis is John's, not mine. The price is an exceedingly reasonable
$25 per copy. Our documentation department negotiated a reasonable site
license with John, who is a really nice guy, and well deserving of any
and all licensing fees.

To register your copy, contact John Bradley at:

John Bradley
1053 Floyd Terrace
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

(215) 898-8813
bradley -at- cis -dot- upenn -dot- edu

John prefers that you contact him via email. I am not associated with John
Bradley, the GRASP Labaratory, or the University of Pennsylvania in any way,
except that I am a satisfied customer. This is not a commercial announcement.
Don't flame us, we'll flame you.
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was infernally boring and futile, but that it had to be done out of respect
for tradition" --Stanislaw Lem

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