Re: A4 page size

Subject: Re: A4 page size
From: Steve Fouts <sfouts -at- ELLISON -dot- SC -dot- TI -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 1994 09:41:51 CDT

|} Mike Christie mentioned creating manuals in American 8.5 x 11 format, but
|} allowing customers in Europe to print out pages in A4 format. Do any of you
|} have experience with different methods of solving this page size dilemma?
|} Your suggestions are welcomed.

The major impediment to changing paper sizes is that most software
packages justify things from the margins. What you really want to
do is design a 8" x 10" or 8" x 11" form size and then center it on
the available paper. The method for accomplishing this varies by
software chosen. In Interleaf it requires maintaining two sets of
``catalogs'' or templates, one in each paper size, then transfering
files back and forth from Europe is pretty simple.

We use a 7.5" x 9.25" form size which has to be trimmed from either
of the sizes, but it means that we can send PS files to Europe for
review and none of the info disappears off of the edge of the page
when they print it on A4, even if we printed it for Letter size.
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