Pronouncing SQL, History

Subject: Pronouncing SQL, History
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 1994 18:02:09 PDT

Gang, forgive me if this posts twice. I tried sending it Monday and Tuesday,
and then Eric said he posted it for me, but I haven't seen it come through yet.

According to the book _Introduction to SQL_ (Oracle Corporation 1985, 1989):

"SQL, pronounced 'sequel,' is an English-like language..." (page 1-4)

So if that's the way it's pronounced, then you would say "...a SQL query."
Only if there were two fairly common pronunciations (letters vs. word) would
there be a question (as in SCSI vs. scuzzy). Not that my company is the final
arbiter, of course, but you might consider this when evaluating our claim:

"SQL was defined by IBM Research but was introduced to the commercial market
first by Oracle Corporation, in 1979." (same page)

Besides, I don't think I've ever heard it pronounced "S-Q-L" in the years I've
been in the database biz, except by newcomers to the relational database
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