re Pronouncing SQL, History

Subject: re Pronouncing SQL, History
From: Gary Mason <gmason -at- JMJM -dot- HQ -dot- ILEAF -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 1994 07:33:46 EDT

I very seldom post here, but what the heck...

I always say "S-Q-L", but only because that is the correct way to say
it. 8')

Oracle (the corporation, as opposed to ORACLE, the product) does not,
to the best of my knowledge, own the copyright to "SQL". I have one of
their manuals that suggests the erroneous pronounciation, and thought
it a bit presumptious of them. It is, as mentioned previously, an
abbreviation. Notwithstanding the IBM involvement already discussed
here, I believe that there is a product named 'Sequel' on the market.
In fact, I believe it has been around for a long time. There may even
be a company by that name in the business. So, call me a purist, but I
prefer "S-Q-L". But then, I say "Digital" too. BTW - my experience is
somewhat different from most of those posting here on this topic. I
NEVER hear the letters spoken, only the word. Dozens of times a day.

I'm "green" when it comes to the language - I want to see the erosion
(sometimes characterized as growth or expansion) of the language

Anal retentively, obsessively/compulsively, and non-80s-ly yours,


* Gary Mason - Sales Consultant - Interleaf, Inc. - Strategic Accounts Group *
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