Re: Standard Problems

Subject: Re: Standard Problems
From: Mike Pope <mikep -at- ASYMETRIX -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 1994 14:32:00 PDT

>The United States is NOT the only country in the world stubbornly
>sticking to the "English" system of weights and measures. There is
>also the Sultanate of Brunei. And in Italy, household plumbing
>pipe uses American inch standards.

Indeed, the English themselves are hardly all-metric. Highway distances
and speed limits are still in miles. Gas ("petrol") may be sold in
litres, but booze is still sold in increments derived from the
imperial gallon (heck, why even standardize on the definition
of a gallon)? Thus a pint of ale is 20 oz. How much do you weigh?
"Pounds or kilograms?" you may ask. Try again: in the UK, you're
measured in "stone". And metric system notwithstanding,
inches, feet, and yards have hardly disappeared.

Then there's the issue of electrical plugs, voltages, and
amperages ...

-- Mike Pope
mikep -at- asymetrix -dot- com

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