OS/2 Print Spooler

Subject: OS/2 Print Spooler
From: Mike Christie <mikec -at- SYNTEL -dot- COM>
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 1994 10:24:47 PDT

After much experimentation I have gotten VP/WIN 4.2 running under OS/2 2.1 PM
to work nicely with my ancient Apple LaserWriter II. My output goes to
COM2.OS2. This port is defined is OS/2 PM as follows:

Print Driver: PSCRIPT.Apple LaserWriter II NT
Output: COM2
Queue Driver: PMPRINT
I have enabled Xon/Xoff in my startup.cmd

This works fine, except when when I have EPS files included in my chapter.
These can take a very long time (10 -12 minutes for some pages with graphics)
to print. While I can multi-task into other applications while
a chapter is printing, often the next task in *my* queue involves Ventura.
Until Corel comes out with a Ventura that allows multiple instances, I could
use a print spooler (at least in the way the term is used in the DOS world):
something that would:
- take the output from VP,
- place it in a buffer (in memory or on hard drive),
- feed each page to the printer as it is ready, while freeing up
Ventura's resources.

Back in the days when I in used VP in the pure [showing my
bias here? (-: ] DOS/Windows environment, I had a commercial product called
PrintCache, which did all of the above -and more- very well. Is there anything
equivilant avialable for OS/2 - freeware, shareware, or commercial?

Thanks for any direction you can give me.

Mike Christie
Technical Writer
Syntelligence Systems, Inc.
mikec -at- syntel -dot- com

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