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Subject: Re: Standards
From: Ray Bruman x2325 <rbruman -at- TURING -dot- RAYNET -dot- COM>
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 1994 12:20:11 PDT

liz -at- PURE -dot- COM writes:

> Well, I just discovered this list, and missed most of the discussion
> regarding standards. However, I am on the STC-IEEE Standards Committee
> which is just beginning, and would like to have your help in setting
> the standards.

Ha ha ha ha

> Since I missed most of the discussion, could you please send me a list of
> the questions and issues you feel need to be addressed. I will
> compile them and present them at our meeting.

Bwah -hah -hah hah ha ha ha

> If you would like to be involved in setting the standards, feel free to
> contact your local STC branch and get involved.

No, stop, ha ha we're already rolling on the floor.

> Being involved in the process is the only way to make this happen.

> liz

Please, now we're crashing into the furniture, ha ha ha

Sorry, Liz, no offense intended.

The part of the discussion you missed is that standards, while
crucially important, also cause inordinate grief among humans.
The same goes double for language. And when one talks, as the
French Academy and Parliament seriously do, about standardizing

ha ha ha ha ha

... sorry.

I'm a past chapter president, multiple times, of STC, and a member
since 1977, so I feel qualified to explain...

What is STC? STC is the Society for Terrible Communication, an international
organization with over 15,000 organs. As the largest professional society
devoted to the technicalities of miscommunication, STC is concerned with the
mystification, befuddlement, and retardation of its members. Membership
includes scribblers, meddlers, illustrators, poseurs, prattlers, students,
engineers, and weenies in all areas of technology. The Silly Valley chapter
is the nerdiest with over 1400 propeller-heads. Society dues are $85 per
year, plus a one-time $10 roll-out fee.

No, but seriously, folks. STC is a great organization.
The notion of "informed choice" (already posted to this discussion)
is a great idea. Standards are a great idea.
Language standards promulgated by STC is a terrible idea IMHO.

I'm still collecting examples by e-mail for my "Standard Problems"
publication. Thanks to everyone who has already contributed.
Keep those cards and letters coming!

Ray Bruman Cogito, ergo remuneror.
Raynet Corp.
rbruman -at- raynet -dot- com I think, therefore I am paid.

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