Re: Screen shots

Subject: Re: Screen shots
From: Dana <dana -at- SPRY -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 1994 21:03:43 GMT

I do the PC to Mac thing, and have the same screen shot issues.

If you're using Windows (you didn't say), here's some ideas:

Use a good screen capture program that supports many formats;

I like Collage Capture, it's new, cheap, and outputs nice work. (And supports
Mac PCT format right off the bat, so you can capture and save as a PCT file!)).
You get a Windows and DOS version in the box, so it's kinda 2 for 1. The
Windows version lets you specify *exactly* what screen areas to capture,
remembers your preferences, and has tons of features. Don't know about the DOS
version. It ran about $100 for intro pricing; I would bet they're on version
2.0 by now, probably even better (plus you get an
Image Manager so you can do some basic editing of your graphic, and convert it
to different colors/formats). Hijaak is the name of another screen capture
program (Windows? Windows and DOS?) with similar features. Your local SW Store
will have a few more, I imagine.

Or, if you are doing basic screen shots in Windows (either the current dialog or
the entire screen), a *free* solution is to use the keyboard PrintScrn (full
screen) or Alt PrtScrn (currently selected dialog) to copy to the Windows
Then you can Paste in Windows Paintbrush, and save as either BMP or PCX. These
screen shots are pretty good quality, considering.

Whatever you use, if you get the screen shot into a standard PC graphics file
format, you could use a file conversion program to convert it to a Mac graphic.
I use MacLink Plus/PC, a Mac program that translates back and forth all kinds
of files, including PICTS, BMPs and TIFFs. I've used it successfully for screen
shots for about 6 manuals.

Good luck!

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