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> Does anyone know of any definitive rulings on whether "kilobyte" should
> be abbreviated as "KB", "Kb", "kB", or "kb"?

I use KB and Kb for 1024 bytes and bits, respectively. Some
writers assume bytes and drop the latter element -- using
only K -- leading to confusion with the pure number 1000.

> The SI system, of course, uses "k" for 1,000, so there is an
> argument that "K" should be used for 1,024--but this leaves open the
> question of how to distinguish between "M" meaning 1,000,000 and "M"
> meaning 1,048,576.

The uppercase K is frequently used for 1000, as in "The
property is reduced to $290K."

Of course, megabytes and megabits are MB and Mb. But
hard-drive vendors may use your cited ambiguity to make
their products seem larger. They advertise, say, 105 M bytes
for a drive with 100 MB.

> If you follow up, please cite your sources.

You sound like an editor I once worked for.
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