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Subject: Re: Modem Help
From: Larry Grinnell <eq501lg -at- PTS -dot- MOT -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 7 Jul 1994 08:18:00 EDT

In message <199407070253 -dot- AA17042 -at- motgate -dot- mot -dot- com> writes:
> Hi.

> Not really a tech writing question, but a question from a tech writer.
> Does anyone have any suggestions on a good 14.4 modem (for a Macintosh) for
> under $250? I don't have the slightest.

> Please send your replies to my e-mail account.

> Thanks.

> --Paul

Since I work for Motorola, I should probably recommend one of the UDS family
of modems (they are a division of Motorola). They make quite a few different
models and are very cost-competitive. They really are good, too. I think
retail price is under $200 now.

Personally, however, I have a Supra v.32bis FaxModem (14.4 kbps). I paid
$300+ for it last year, but it is now down to the $200 range. UDS modems
were going for $400-500 (and more) at the time I was shopping. Supra also has
an "LC" model for around $150. If you can afford to wait, or add another $75
to your price, you might want to consider one of the new series of
modems. They run at 28.8 kbps and with 4:1 compression, they run at an
effective rate of 115.2 kbps. The CCITT just last month finalized on the
specs, so you should be seeing these in the stores very soon from all the
major manufacturers. Supra, for one, has a unit on the market that
can be updated with flash ROM to the latest specs for a street price of about
$325. This is truly the "coming thing" short of your own T1 line or an ISDN
connection... I have not seen the latest UDS prices for units, but I
think they are available.

Larry Grinnell

Larry Grinnell
Motorola, Inc., Paging Products Group
email to elg001 -at- email -dot- mot -dot- com
"The One Who Dies With The Most Fonts, Wins!"

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