Re: How do you use WWW?

Subject: Re: How do you use WWW?
From: Dan BRINEGAR <HBDeBenu -at- AOL -dot- COM>
Date: Thu, 7 Jul 1994 20:50:48 EDT

Glen Accardo wrote about using WWW as a distribution tool--

>Despite the advantages of such a model for distributing updates and such,
>we chose not to use WWW as part of our product. Primarily, Windows people
>want help that looks like Windows help, Mac people want MacHelp stuff,
>X people like HyperHelp, etc. That is, native help platforms seem
>to "look better" to people who use only a single platform.

Just an aside, and I'm not slamming anybody, but; isn't the whole point to
eventually have the same interface regardless of platform? (I think I heard
that from Alan Kay or Ray Noorda at a meeting or something...)
Anyway... the electronic documentation I've done with Frame looks exactly
the same on every platform we can get it to run on (assuming, of course, that
the correct fonts, ATM, display drivers, printer drivers, memory-available,
etc...) our customers seem to like that... we're not distributing a
Windows/Mac/Sun product, we're distributing a _Company Name Here_ product.

Dan Brinegar
Info Developer
Disruptive Influence

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