WWW and doc distribtuion

Subject: WWW and doc distribtuion
From: Fred Wersan <wersan -at- ZEUS -dot- MA30 -dot- BULL -dot- COM>
Date: Fri, 8 Jul 1994 13:01:59 EDT

Several posters on this item yesterday commented on security issues and
inconvenience of accessing docs through a network. You don't necessarily have
to go this route. Mosaic can read local documents as well as those across the
net, so you can use it is a viewer of delivered docs.

The downside is that the documents would have to be put in a predetermined
directory so that all the links would point to the correct place and you would
need a customized set of docs for each platform. An editor with conditional text
for the link locations could simplify this somewhat.

The upside is that you still have a uniform document interface across at least
three different platforms without major expense for viewer licenses.

I recently created a small HTML document on my PC, which I then moved to a
UNIX box with relatively little trouble.

As a side note, I came across a Windows app called HTMLAssistant. I found it
while browsing the What's New page a couple of weeks ago. It puts in all the
HTML tags using buttons and dialog boxes. It ain't perfect, but it's free. I
hope there's a special place in heaven for all the folks putting out good
freeware and low cost shareware that the rest of us can take advantage of.

Fred Wersan
Bull HN Information Systems
300 Concord Rd.
Billerica, Mass. 01821
wersan -at- zeus -dot- ma30 -dot- bull -dot- com

Footer cognoscenti may note that I've changed the name of my employer again. I
am still in the same place, they just can't decide what to do with us organi-
zationally. Everyone needs us. No one wants us.

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