Advice sought re:office setup

Subject: Advice sought re:office setup
From: Amanda Taylor <pslvax!amanda -at- UCSD -dot- EDU>
Date: Fri, 8 Jul 1994 14:55:32 -0700

I need advice. Lots of it. I'm about to make the leap from tech writer
to freelance nonfiction writer (keep your fingers crossed for me). To
make this leap as comfortable as possible I need a new computer system.

Despite my current job at a software company, I know very little about
computers (and have even less interest). My existing "system" at home
consists of remnants from an ex-husband who, immediately after giving me
his hand-me-downs, escaped to another continent. I have an Apple Lisa
(which I am keeping until someone pays me enough to make several house
payments, which is what it originally cost) and a Toshiba T1100 laptop
with WordPerfect software (minus features such as spellcheck).

I'd like a new computer, printer, modem and fax machine. I *think* I want
a Mac with a some sort of filter to convert my WP software so I can still
have the convenience of a laptop. At my current job, I have a Mac SE/30
and spend 9 hours a day in Pagemaker (see why I'm looking for greener
pastures?). I'm comfortable with Macs but am not adverse to changing if
it makes financial sense.

--> I have lots of stores and eager salespeople close by now to sell me
whatever I decide I need, but I'm moving to a teeny town (anyone
want to buy a peachy house in San Diego?) so system maintenance
must be minimal.

--> I'm an old dog who hates new tricks, so I'd like something that I
won't need to change every year when the styles change.

--> I'm not a features freak, so if it does word processing well, with
a fair amount of speed, I'd be happy.

--> The most important factor is it has to be CHEAP. Cheaper than
cheap. A dollar spent on a computer is a dollar not spent on my
daughter's braces. And she needs braces more than I need a new
computer system.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for being there.

Amanda Taylor
pslvax!amanda -at- ucsd -dot- edu

P.S. Please start thinking about my next question: AOL or Compuserve
or _________ to keep my internet access?

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