Ventura vs the Printer

Subject: Ventura vs the Printer
From: Patti Waterbury <waterbp -dot- csc -at- MHS -dot- ELAN -dot- AF -dot- MIL>
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 1994 07:53:00 -0700

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> Does anyone out there send electronic Ventura files to their
> Have you experienced any problems? Better yet, have you solved

We just brought a full-color job to a printer that was done in Ventura. In
order for them to read it (they were on Macs), I had to output it as
encapsulated postscript. I also output it as prn files in case they had
problems with the eps files. I ended up printing each page separately and
zipping a few because of the size of the files.

We didn't have any problems except that one of our graphics that had been
scanned in at 300 dpi looked a bit jaggy. They output it at 2400 dpi. But
the rest of the job looked fantastic.

I found when searching for a printer in this area (Northern Los Angeles
county, southeast Kern County, and parts of San Bernardino County in
California) that most of the places I called had never heard of Ventura or
if they had, did not hold it in high regard (After trying to design this
full color job, I no longer held it in high regard myself.). They were all
Mac-based shops. I'm sure it would be easier to handle in an urban area.

We're looking into getting a PowerMac with Quark so we won't have this
problem anymore.

Patti Waterbury
Computer Sciences Corporation
Edwards Air Force Base

Please note: My opinion is solely my own and does not represent that of my
employer or the facility on which I am employed.
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