Do users read books?

Subject: Do users read books?
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 1994 14:01:58 -0500

I just had to jump in here, for what my $.02 is worth . . .

Nora Merhar writes

-We do try to field trial the documents, by which I mean that we
-send the docs
-out with the product for the field trial. We never get any input
-this way.
-Anybody have any ideas on a better way to field trial

We have a rather small user audience, so this will obviously not
work for lots of folks (probably *most* folks), but in our case, the
documentation is used for training the engineers. I get to sit in
on the training session, and hear comments like "We should include
xxx in the doc" or "I'm glad to see this in here; it's helpful." As
engineering training is usually done for a small group who will be
using the software and equipment in beta test, I get to
correct/update the documentation before it goes to press, which
results in a better doc.

Barbi Harrison
harrison -at- tulsa -dot- dowell -dot- slb -dot- com
(yes, that's in OKLAHOMA! :-) )

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