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Subject: Re: Word 6.0 for Windows
From: JBergen <jbergen -at- AOL -dot- COM>
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 1994 00:16:14 -0400

In article <199407211559 -dot- LAA25695 -at- chimchim -dot- mccabe -dot- com>, Anne Stankis
<anne -at- mccabe -dot- com> writes:

>I have a large number of large documents to update and need to be able to
update one (or more master documents) and have that update the rest of the
documents automatically with the changes. Is Word 6.0 for Windows
suitable for large document creation and updating? Does anybody have any
other suggestions for other packages? Thanks.

My answer:

NO to Word 6.0! I have had to wrestle with it and it has been disastrous.
I'm writing a user guide with approximately 90 pages and only a few
graphics. I finally had to give up on the master document concept as it
continually corrupted. I have called the tech support at Microsoft and
gotten nowhere. Their standard response is to "start over" with a new
template, etc. I've been there, done that, thank you. I'm still using Word
because it's too late to change, but we just bought FrameMaker and it
can't be worse. Word also gives you huge files. Another manual I just
finished was about 70 pages, but with a few more graphics, and that one
was too large to fit on a diskette (2SHD) without zipping (for backups).

I've also found the styles to be extremely inflexible and more than a bit
quirky. I'm continually having to redefine the styles because they lose
the indention information.

Graphics are such a nightmare it's unbelievable! Add a graphic and you
have to reset all your text indentions, etc. and I have yet to be able to
move the graphics to the spot I want. They slip and slide all over the

In summary, Word is fine for one-pagers, but for long documents and for
graphics, forget it.

Jane Bergen

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