Word 5.1/Index Pagination P

Subject: Word 5.1/Index Pagination P
From: Tracey Showalter <tshowalt -at- SCTCORP -dot- COM>
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 1994 11:06:00 U

Word 5.1/Index Pagination Problems
Mindy Kale posted the following:

>I also use Word 5.1a for the Mac. We use the index feature to automatically
>create indexes, but have recently discovered that it's wrong a significant
>amount of the time. That is, look up the page in the compiled index, and the
>entry isn't on the page at all. Has anyone else experienced this or does
>have any idea why it might be happening? Also, has anyone developed a good way
>to edit index entries? Do you do it online or on hard copy?I have found this
>be one of the most tedious parts of my job, and I know there are some indexers
>out there who must have found a better way.

Is your Hidden Text displayed when you run the index? If it is, it's likely
that the pagination is affected. The manual says the hidden text, displayed or
not, will not affect pagination, but I know from painful experience that it can
and does.

Pagination in a Word document is calculated by the printer driver, *not* by
Word. So it's possible that you are having problems with your printer driver.
If you're using an HP printer, you can call their (800) line and request an
updated copy. The LaserWriter printer driver is up to version 8.something. I
can't find that (800) number, I got it originally from friendly tech support
person at Microsoft.

As far as editing index entries, I do it using hard copy. I find that to be
much easier than trying to do it on-screen, especially if I find myself
changing the structure of a lot of entries. It's still tedious, though.

Hope this helps,

Tracey Showalter
tshowalt -at- sctcorp -dot- com

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