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Date: Thu, 8 Sep 1994 12:57:39 GMT

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>Several years ago, my son bought some small toy dinosaurs in plastic
>capsules. When soaked in water, they expanded; as they dried out,
>they shrank to their original size. I kept the slip of paper that
>was packed with it, as an example of the world's worst instruction
>manual. Here is what was printed on the paper:

>Only you put it in the water. It will swell 100 time.
>1. Please raise them in the water container.
>2. For about 2 to 24 hours, they will grow to climb out of the
>3. After it dries, it will resume to the original size.
>4. Although there is no harm, you shall not put it into mouth.
>Caution: Not recommended for children under five years old.

Instructions for playing dominoes, from a set bought some years ago:

Put the plates on the table with the dots underneath, shuffle well and
as putting aside about 1/5 of them give out between the players: The
plates are set upright infront of every player so that only he can
see the side with the dots The player who has most doble dots - for
example 6:6, starts putting the plates flatwise His heibour leftward
has to ask between his plates such that in one of its halfs has
the same number of dots as the first plate laying on the table,
i e. 6 5 or 6 4 The next player has two opportunities. If he
hasn't the required number of dots he takes from the spare plates
until finding the necessary When the spare plates are over the
player who failed to find a plate with the respective number of
dots omits his turn. When nobody of the players can put the
required plate the winner is the player with the smallest
number of dots.

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